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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kindred Connection provide mental health services?

Kindred Connection, LLC is a collaborative network of perinatal professionals including mental health, wellness, education, etc. Kindred Connection,LLC does not provide or review professional services. We hope to reduce your search and connect you with the professionals that will best meet your needs. Please see Terms of Use for more details.

I provide a professional perinatal service! How can I be a part of Kindred Connection?

We are always looking to collaborate with professionals in the community! Please send us a message through our Professionals page and we will follow up with you. 

I am overwhelmed and don't know what I need. 

We understand that regardless of where you are in your perinatal journey (family planning, fertility, unexpected pregnancy, postpartum, etc), it can be very overwhelming and you may not know where to start. Contact us for a free consultation to explore what support looks like for you. 

What if I am not interested in therapy? 

While we recognize that mental health is a part of every persons health, we also know that therapy is not for everyone. We collaborate with many providers within the perinatal community such as massage therapy, plevic floor PT, perinatal yoga, doula services, and basic needs. 

Is a support group considered therapy?

A support group can be offered by a peer with lived experience and is different than engaging in mental health treatment with a licensed provider. 

What are the cost of services?

Every provider is their own independent business and therefore sets their own prices. Some providers are paneled with insurance companies while others bill directly to the client.


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